Electrical Insulation Performance of Silicone Gel on Semiconductors
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Electrical Insulation Performance of Silicone Gel on Semiconductors

Regarding the electrical insulation performance of silicone gel on semiconductors, it can be elaborated in detail from the following aspects:

1. Overview of electrical insulation performance

As a high-performance electronic encapsulation material, silicone gel exhibits excellent electrical insulation performance in semiconductor devices. Its unique molecular structure and chemical properties enable silicone gel to effectively resist electrical interference such as voltage and corona, ensuring the normal operation of semiconductor equipment.

2. Characteristics of electrical insulation performance

High dielectric strength and volume resistivity: Silicone gel has extremely high dielectric strength and volume resistivity, which can effectively isolate current and prevent electrical leakage inside semiconductor devices.

Excellent electrical stability: Silicone gel maintains stable electrical properties over a wide temperature range (such as -60℃ to 200℃) and is not easily affected by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.

Good weather resistance and aging resistance: Silicone gel can be used in harsh environments for a long time without aging, maintaining stable electrical insulation performance.

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3. Application in semiconductor devices

Silicone gel is widely used as a packaging insulation material in semiconductor devices, especially in high-voltage and high-power IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) devices. It not only provides moisture-proof and shock-proof protection for internal chips and other components, but also provides sufficient external insulation capabilities to ensure the safe and stable operation of semiconductor devices.

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