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Wound Care
Wound Care
Silicone Gel Dressings
A silicone gel dressing is a soft dressing that fits snugly over the wound surface. Due to their excellent biocompatibility and repositionability, they are used to produce tapes and drapes for surgical procedures. Their main functions include moisturizing wounds, preventing infection, relieving pain and promoting wound healing, reducing scar formation. Silicone gel dressings can be used on various types of wounds, including cuts, burns, abrasions and ulcers.
Silicone Gel Sheets
Silicone gel sheets are thin sheets of silicone gel that are used to attach to scars or wounds. Their primary functions include moisturizing wounds, smoothing scars, reducing redness and improving the appearance of the skin, as well as discomfort from surgical incisions. Silicone gel sheets are commonly used to treat burn scars, incisions, and other types of scars.
Silicone Gel Gels
Silicone gel is a soft gel that can be applied directly to scars or wounds. Their main functions include moisturizing wounds, softening scar tissue, and reducing itching and pain. Silicone gel can be used on various types of scars, including burn scars, surgical incisions, and keloids.
Silicone Gel Capsules
Silicone gel capsules are small containers filled with silicone gel. They are commonly used to close wounds, provide moisture and promote wound healing. It can be applied to various types of trauma or post-operative wounds.
Silicone Foam Dressing
Silicone Foam Dressing is a versatile medical dressing for a variety of trauma and wound management. It has good air permeability, allows air and water vapor to pass through, helps regulate the humidity and temperature of the wound, can provide a comfortable healing environment, and promote wound healing and tissue regeneration.
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