Radiotherapy Tissue Compensator
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Radiotherapy Tissue Compensator

Specification:A10.10cm*10cm thickness 0.3cm;B10.10cm*10cm thickness 0.5cm;C10. 10cm*10cm thickness 1.0cm
Medical polymer material, good biocompatibility
Self-adhesive feature, seamless fit with any part of the human body
High transparency ensures precise positioning
Easy to use, available in a variety of specifications, can be used by a single person repeatedly to avoid cross-infection
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Specification:A10.10cm*10cm thickness 0.3cm

B10.10cm*10cm thickness 0.5cm

C10.10cm*10cm thickness 1.0cm

Product Features

Radiation therapy is a common cancer treatment method that uses high-energy radiation to damage the DNA of cancer cells in order to kill cancer cells. However, radiotherapy is not a perfect treatment, it may cause damage to normal tissues, leading to a series of side effects and complications. To address this issue, radiotherapy compensators are introduced into radiotherapy treatments to preserve normal tissue and improve radiotherapy accuracy.

The radiotherapy tissue compensator is a precision medical device specially designed for medical radiotherapy and is made of high-quality silicone gel material. It plays a key auxiliary role in radiotherapy. When placed on the patient, it can help doctors accurately locate the tumor or treatment area, accurately position the radiation source to achieve the best therapeutic effect, and at the same time protect the patient and minimize damage to surrounding normal tissues.




High plasticity: The radiotherapy tissue compensator is made of silicone gel, a medical polymer material with good biocompatibility and excellent plasticity. Customized to the patient's specific anatomy and treatment needs, this plasticity ensures fit and positioning accuracy.

Comfort: The softness of the silicone gel material ensures the patient's comfort during treatment, and the self-adhesive function allows it to fit seamlessly to any part of the human body.

Accuracy: The positioning film can provide high visibility, allowing doctors to accurately calibrate the treatment area, ensuring the accuracy of radiotherapy irradiation and minimizing errors.

Durability: The radiotherapy positioning film is durable and can withstand the test of long-term treatment without deterioration or failure due to radiation exposure. Easy to use, multiple specifications can be used repeatedly by a single person to avoid cross-infection.


Test Report



Application range

1,Nasopharyngeal carcinoma, cervical lymph nodes, orbital irradiation therapy

2,Breast and adenocarcinoma chest skin superficial radiotherapy (radical treatment, breast-conserving implant)

3,Radiotherapy of Vulvar Cancer and Superficial Tumors

4,scar. Scar radiation therapy and its special parts



Electing tissue compensators with appropriate thickness and density to completely and seamlessly cover the superficial tissue surface can increase the thickness of the chest wall by 3-5 mm, effectively improve the uniformity of dose distribution in the superficial target area, and improve the effectiveness of radiotherapy.


Experiments have proved that the positioning membrane can not only eliminate the superficial high-dose area, but also make the tumor target area close to the body surface obtain a uniform dose distribution.


Common specification

A10. 10cm*10cm thickness 0.3cm

A15. 15cm*15cm thickness 0.3cm

A25. 25cm*25cm thickness 0.3cm

A30. 30cm*30cm thickness 0.3cm

A35. 35cm*35cm thickness 0.3cm

B10. 10cm*10cm thickness 0.5cm

B15. 15cm*15cm thickness 0.5cm

B25. 25cm*25cm thickness 0.5cm

B30. 30cm*30cm thickness 0.5cm

B35. 35cm*35cm thickness 0.5cm

C10. 10cm*10cm thickness 1.0cm

C15. 15cm*15cm thickness 1.0cm

C25. 25cm*25cm thickness 1.0cm

C30. 30cm*30cm thickness 1.0cm

C35. 35cm*35cm thickness1.0cm

According to the demand, can be customized various specifications

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