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Articles For Daily Use
Silicone Insoles
Silicone insoles are a type of comfort sole product used in footwear. They're made with a soft silicone gel material that provides extra cushioning and support, taking pressure off your feet and adding comfort and stability.
Silicone Gel Cleaning Brushes
The silicone gel scrubbing brush is a tool for cleaning and washing. They feature soft silicone gel bristles that can be used to wash dishes, kitchen utensils, toiletries and more for an efficient yet gentle cleaning experience.
Silicone Gel Eyeglass Nose Pads
Silicone Eyeglass Nose Pads is a product for eyeglass wearers. They are made of a silicone gel material that provides comfortable nose pad support, reducing pressure and discomfort from glasses on the bridge of the nose.
Silicone Gel Ear Stickers
Silicone gel ear strips are a common ear care product used to soothe and protect the ears. Made of soft silicone gel material, they are suitable for various scenes, including daily life, music appreciation, physical exercise, etc. Whether looking to improve wearing comfort, reduce pressure, prevent slipping, or enjoy better sound insulation.
Silicone Anti-Calculation Sticker
Silicone Anti-Calculation Sticker is an innovative product specially designed to solve the problem of light leakage. It is made of high-quality silicone gel material, which is sticky and soft, which can effectively prevent the embarrassing situation of clothes being worn out during wearing. It has excellent adhesiveness and can be firmly attached to the inside of the clothes; it is transparent, non-marking and colorless, and blends perfectly into the clothes without leaving marks or affecting the appearance; it is multi-functional and suitable for various parts of clothing, helping you maintain a decent dressing style.
Silicone Gel Shoulder Pad
Silicone Gel Shoulder Pad is an ideal product, it is made of high-quality silicone gel material to provide comfortable support and relief for the shoulders. It is suitable for people who need to sit for a long time or need to reduce shoulder pressure and fatigue. With silicone shoulder pads, you can improve the comfort and health of your shoulders and reduce the occurrence of shoulder problems. At the same time, it is also a dressing magic, which can hide the imperfections of the human body's shoulders.
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