Silicone Scar Stickers
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Silicone Scar Stickers

Jiahewell quality manufacturing
100% medical grade silicone
Existing scar 3-6 months
New scar 8 weeks
Reusable and durable
Safe, suitable for nursing mothers and children
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Wholesale Silicone Scar Manufacturer

Our scar patches are manufactured using medical-grade silicone material. 

This medical standards and are safe for use on the skin.

100% medical grade silicone

Our Silicone Scar Stickers is created from medical grade silicone. Perfect for a range of scars, including surgical scars, C-section scars, and acne scars. 

Jiahewell quality manufacturing

These stickers are designed to address various types of scars, They create a conducive healing environment for your skin, helping scars fade and smoothen over time.




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Why Chosee Partnering with Jiahewell

We are leading factory for raw materials and scar patches in China, is dedicated to providing high-quality Silicone Gel materials to meet the needs of various industries worldwide. Jiahewell is renowned for its exceptional product quality. Our Silicone Gel materials undergo rigorous quality control and testing to ensure they meet international standards. Our customers can use our products with confidence, whether for medical applications or in the beauty industry. Whether you are a medical device manufacturer, beauty product producer, or a procurement professional from another industry.

Medical-Grade Product: Our scar patches are made from medical-grade silicone material.    The products undergo rigorous quality control, complying with medical standards and regulations, ensuring the safety and reliability of the products.

R&D Support: Our research and development team will collaborate with you to customize materials according to your requirements, You can customize colors, packaging, shapes, and sizes to ensure that the scar stickers align perfectly with your brand.

Small Batch Samples: We understand the importance of testing and experimentation.    Therefore, we support small batch sample orders, allowing you to evaluate our Silicone Gel materials before committing to large-scale purchases.    This flexibility ensures you get the right solution that meets your needs.


Our Fatory R&D Team




Choose JIAHE, Choose Excellence

As a leading manufacturer of Silicone Scar Stickers, we not only offer exceptional products but also deliver outstanding services. We understand the needs of brands and buyers and are committed to providing the best solutions. By choosing JIAHE, you'll receive a perfect combination of exceptional quality, innovation, customization services, and reliability.

Let us embark on the path to success together, with JIAHE Silicone Scar Stickers as your preferred partner. 

Contact us, and we eagerly anticipate offering you superior products and services for a mutually beneficial partnership!

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