JH-216 Medical Silicone Gel
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JH-216 Medical Silicone Gel

1.【Product Name】:Medical Silicone Gel Material (JH-216)
2.【Type】:Two-Component Addition-Type Silicone Gel
3.【Application】:Medical applications, scar treatment, etc.
4.【Safety】:Non-toxic, non-irritating
6.【Packaging】:Packaged according to customer requirements
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Your Professional Silicone Gel Material Manufacture


| Product Description

Welcome to the JIAHE China Factory website! We're experts in foreign trade exports, offering top-notch silicone gel products tailored to your needs. Our focus? Delivering high-quality medical-grade silicone gels that excel in performance and comfort.

Introducing Medical Silicone Gel Material


  • Solvent-free, ensuring safety and purity.

  • Soft, comfortable colloid for seamless skin adhesion.

  • Non-toxic and non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Resistant to high-pressure steam and ethylene oxide disinfection.

Ideal for:

  • Medical applications, including scar treatment.

  • Various types of dressings.

At JIAHE China Factory, we understand the importance of packaging. That's why we're flexible and can accommodate your specific requirements. Trust us for premium-quality medical silicone gels that exceed expectations.




丨 Application

Silicone Gel in Medicine: A Versatile Solution

Applications: Bandages, dressings, implants, lenses, scar treatment.

Importance: Enhances surgery, improves scars, meets industry needs.

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 Company Profile

At JIAHE China Factory, we provide medical silicone gel materials to help you effectively manage scars and regain your beauty. We strive to create exceptional products that address challenges in scar treatment and wound care. Whether you're seeking a solution to manage existing scars or prevent new ones, we offer a reliable choice.

Thank you for choosing JIAHE China Factory as your partner. If you have any medical device project needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our experts are here to assist you.

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Don't hesitate to contact us for your medical device project needs. We look forward to working with you and providing the support you need.







IOS9001 Certificate


FDA Certificate


BSI Certificate


Patent Certificate



Q: What is JH-216 medical silicone gel used for?

A: JH-216 silicone gel is used for medical purposes, including scar treatment, wound care, and making medical dressings.

Q: Is the silicone gel safe for skin use?

A: Yes, our silicone gel is skin-friendly, non-toxic, and soothing. It reduces wound discomfort.

Q: How can I buy JH-216 silicone gel?

A: Contact our sales team for purchase details, bulk orders, and customization. Visit our website for contact info.

Q: Can the gel be used for various medical dressings?

A: Absolutely, our versatile silicone gel creates different medical dressings to meet specific needs.

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