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Silicone Fillers
Silicone fillers are injectable products used to fill areas of the face and body. They can be used to enhance facial contour, fill in fine lines and wrinkles, and enhance volume in specific areas such as the lips and cheekbones.
Silicone Gel Masks
Silicone gel mask is a facial care product made of silicone gel material. They mold to the shape of the face, provide hydration and firming benefits, and help improve skin texture and appearance.
Silicone Gel Eye Masks
Silicone eye mask is a product specially designed for eye care, which can be used to reduce eye fatigue, eliminate puffiness and dark circles. They typically use a reusable silicone gel material that provides therapeutic effects of heat and cold.
Silicone Gel Bra Inserts
Silicone breast pads are products used for breast enlargement or shape adjustment. Filled with soft silicone gel, they provide extra bust support and contouring in underwear and are popular with women who don't like confinement.
Silicone Gel Facial Massagers
The silicone gel facial massager is a massage tool made of silicone gel material. They are used in facial massage to improve blood circulation, relax muscles, and improve the elasticity and brightness of the skin.
Silicone Gel Sprays
Silicone Gel Spray is a convenient, easy-to-use product that can be used for a wide range of wound and trauma management. Their main functions include moisturizing and protecting wounds and creating a moist environment to promote healing. Silicone gel spray can be used to treat burns, cuts, and other injuries.
Silicone Acne Patch
Silicone Acne Patch is a convenient, highly effective and invisible product that quickly absorbs secretions, reduces inflammation, promotes repair, and provides protection and soothing effects to quickly deal with acne problems. Made with highly absorbent silicone gel material, it quickly absorbs secretions and dirt from acne-prone areas. Can help clean and protect acne areas, prevent bacterial growth, and speed up the healing process of acne. The transparent patch design fits perfectly on the acne and forms a protective barrier. It is easy to use, just stick it on the clean acne area.
Silicone Gel Nasal Implants
Silicone gel rhinoplasty implants can be used to improve the contour and shape of the nose. Doctors can use implants to increase the height of the bridge of the nose, improve the shape of the nose, or fill in depressions, depending on the patient's needs. These implants are often used as an adjunct during rhinoplasty surgery to help doctors better control and customize the appearance of the nose to meet the patient's expectations. Provides long-lasting results because silicone gel is stable and resistant to absorption, meaning patients can enjoy improved nasal contours long-term.
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