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Silicone Gel Catheters
A silicone gel catheter is a type of tube used to guide the flow of fluid or gas during medical procedures. They have the softness and durability of silicone gel and can be used in a variety of medical procedures such as urinary catheterization, vascular interventions, etc.
Silicone Gel Face Masks
A silicone gel mask is a product used after oxygen therapy, respiratory therapy and facial surgery. They conform to the shape of the face, providing a comfortable and secure seal, helping patients receive adequate oxygen supply or face protection during recovery.
Silicone Gel Artificial Joints
Silicone artificial joints are medical device products used in joint replacement surgery. They are made of silicone gel material that mimics the structure of human joints, providing stability and smoothness of movement to improve joint function and relieve pain in patients.
Silicone Gel Sutures
Silicone gel suture is a special suture material used in surgical sutures. They are made of soft silicone gel material, which is biocompatible and flexible, and can provide reliable wound closure and promote wound healing.
Silicone Gel Surgical Pads
Silicone Gel Surgical Pad is a product used for surgical protection and padding. They conform to the surgical field, providing a soft and comfortable cushion that can reduce surgical pressure and friction, and prevent trauma and infection.
Medical Syringe Manufacturing
Silicone rubber is widely used in the manufacture of medical syringes, such as needles, syringe stoppers, etc. Silicone rubber has excellent high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and can withstand various disinfection and sterilization processes. In addition, silicone rubber also has excellent adhesion and sealing properties, which can ensure the safety and reliability of medical syringes.
Medical Tape Manufacturing
Silica gel is widely used in the manufacture of medical tapes, surgical tapes, wound tapes, etc. Silicone glue has excellent adhesive properties and tensile properties, and can closely fit the skin surface without causing irritation or allergic reactions to the skin. In addition, silicone gel also has excellent air permeability and moisture evaporation performance, which can keep the skin dry and breathable.
Silicone Gel seat Cushion
The silicone gel seat cushion is designed to provide a better seating experience for those who sit for a long time. The flexibility and elasticity of silicone gel enable it to adapt to the curves of different body types, effectively reducing the pressure on the back, buttocks and legs. This not only helps reduce discomfort, but also reduces physical fatigue and pain that can be caused by prolonged sitting.
While the silicone gel cushion also provides excellent support, it can effectively distribute pressure and reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve and tailbone, which is especially important for those who spend long periods of time in office chairs, wheelchairs or car seats. The heat-conducting properties of silicone gel also help maintain a comfortable temperature without making the saddle too hot or too cold.
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