Function and efficacy of silicone gel scar patch
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Function and efficacy of silicone gel scar patch

1. Relieve scar itching: Scar itching is a common problem after scar formation, which may affect the quality of sleep and life of patients. Silicone gel scar patches can relieve the itching of scars and make patients feel more comfortable.

2. Improve scar color: The color of some scars is more obvious than the surrounding skin, which affects the appearance and psychological state of patients. Can improve the color of the scar to more closely match the color of the surrounding skin.

3. Soften scar tissue: Silicone gel scar patch can soften scar tissue, making it soft and more easily absorbed by the skin, reducing the thickness and hardness of scars.

4. Protect the scar area: The silicone gel scar patch can protect the scar area and prevent the scar from being exposed to the external environment, thereby reducing the risk of infection and other adverse reactions.

5. Promote scar healing: It can also promote scar healing, accelerate the repair process of scars, and shorten the time for scar formation.

In addition, silicone gel scar patches can also be applied to different types of scars, including surgical scars, burn scars, incision scars, tear scars, acne scars and other various trauma scars. It can be used at home and is very convenient, allowing patients to perform treatment anytime, anywhere.

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