Jiahewell Silicone Gel: A New Choice for Scar Removal
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Jiahewell Silicone Gel: A New Choice for Scar Removal

Principle of Jiahewell Silicone Gel Scar Removal

Jiahewell Silicone Scar Stickers is a scar treatment product that uses silicone gel as the main ingredient. Its main principles include:

Moisturizing effect: Silicone gel can form a breathable film covering the surface of the scar, effectively locking the moisture in the scar, preventing moisture loss, and helping to promote the healing and softening of the scar.

Smoothing effect: Silicone gel stickers can apply slight pressure to the scar, helping to reduce the protrusions and bulges of the scar and make it smoother.

Promote metabolism: Appropriate pressure and moisturizing help promote blood circulation in the scar, accelerate skin metabolism, and facilitate scar absorption and fading.

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How to use Jiahewell Silicone Gel

Using Jiahewell Silicone Scar Stickers is very simple, just follow the steps below:

Cleaning the skin: Before use, first make sure the skin is clean. You can clean the skin with warm water and a mild facial cleanser, and then gently dry it with a clean towel.

Cut to fit: Cut Jiahewell Silicone Scar Stickers to the right size according to the size and shape of the scar.

Applying scars: Apply the cut silicone gel stickers to the clean and dry scars, ensuring a complete fit and avoiding bubbles.

Continuous use: Use Jiahewell Silicone Scar Stickers every day, keep using them continuously, and replace them regularly as needed.

If you also have scar problems and want to learn about our Silicone Scar Stickers, please feel free to contact us! I believe our Silicone Scar Stickers will give you a different experience.

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