Comfort Design of Perforated Silicone Gel in Sports Protective Gear
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Comfort Design of Perforated Silicone Gel in Sports Protective Gear

Comfort has always been a crucial consideration in protective gear. The introduction of perforated silicone gel provides a new dimension in the comfort of sports protective gear.

1. Innovation in breathability:

Traditional sports protective gear usually has some challenges in terms of breathability, which can easily cause discomfort to patients during strenuous exercise. The perforated silicone gel realizes air exchange inside and outside the protective gear through its tiny hole design. This innovative design effectively reduces the patient's surface temperature and reduces discomfort during exercise.

2. Reduce stress and increase flexibility:

The elastic properties of silicone gel allow it to better adapt to the design of sports protective gear. The silicone gel with holes in the joints can reduce the pressure on the joints and improve the flexibility of the protective gear. This is critical for joint protection for athletes during high-intensity sports.

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3. Moisture-proof design:

Sweating during exercise is inevitable, and perforated silicone gel is designed with this in mind. Its breathable structure not only helps sweat evaporate, but also prevents moisture from being trapped inside the protective gear. This helps maintain a dry environment within the protective gear and improves wearer comfort.

4. Adaptive design:

The design of perforated silicone gel in sports protective gear is adaptive and can be adjusted according to the athlete's body shape and sports habits. This design ensures that the protective gear closely fits the body curve, provides more fitting protection and reduces discomfort caused by exercise.

5. Wear resistance and durability:

Sports protective gear usually faces greater friction and pressure, so the wear resistance of the material is crucial. Perforated silicone gel, with its strong nature and microporous design, not only provides a long-lasting service life, but also maintains its original breathability under high pressure.

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