How to make silicone gel for nanoimprint soft template AB glue?
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How to make silicone gel for nanoimprint soft template AB glue?

The process of making nanoimprint soft templates is relatively complex and requires sophisticated materials and equipment.

Materials and equipment required:

nanostructure template

silicone gel


UV light source

Polishing equipment

Imprinting equipment



Prepare the template: First, you need to obtain a template with the desired nanostructure, usually made from a silicon wafer or other material. This template will be used to create nanostructures.

Preparing the Silicone Gel: To prepare the silicone gel, make sure it is a two-component silicone gel, including a base polymer and a cross-linker. Mix according to manufacturer's instructions.

Apply silicone gel: Apply silicone gel to the template surface. Make sure the coating is uniform to obtain the desired nanostructure. This can be done by spin coating, coating knife or other suitable method.

Fully Cured: Place the silicone gel-covered template under a UV light source to ensure that the silicone gel is fully cured. Specific curing times and conditions will vary based on the type and thickness of silicone gel.

Template Separation: Carefully separate the cured silicone gel from the template, this will leave a silicone gel template with the desired nanostructures on it.

Imprinting: Use the prepared silicone gel template to perform the nanoimprinting process. This typically requires an imprinting device that brings a silicone gel template into contact with a target substrate (usually a silicon wafer or other semiconductor material) and then applies pressure to transfer the nanostructures onto the substrate.

Polishing: If a more even surface is required, the substrate can be polished using polishing equipment.

This is just a basic overview of the steps, and the actual preparation of nanoimprint templates may require more process controls and equipment. Additionally, silicone gel selection, curing conditions, and preparation details may vary depending on the specific application. Before actual operation, it is recommended to consult a professional materials scientist or engineer to ensure the best results.

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