Introduction to the use of transparent silicone gel
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Introduction to the use of transparent silicone gel

Silicone gel is generally a colorless and transparent oily liquid. After vulcanization, it will become a soft and transparent silicone gel. It is generally packaged in ab two-component package with good fluidity.

Silicone gel is semi-solidified after curing, has good adhesion and sealing performance to many substrates, and has excellent resistance to alternating cold and heat

Instructions for use of silicone gel:

The ratio of silicone gel is 1:1, which is suitable for manual operation as well as mechanical operation. Compared with using a silicone injection machine, the AB component is directly extruded through the AB tube for perfusion, which not only ensures a uniform ratio of AB components, It can also be stirred evenly by pressure to obtain better product performance. The required viscosity can be adjusted according to the requirements of the silicone injection machine.


Silicone gel application:

1. Thanks to its environmental health rating, silicone breast pads, silicone breast stickers, and other silicone imitation products suitable for women are environmentally friendly and healthy high-tech materials;

2. Silicone foot stickers, silicone foot stickers, silicone insoles, silicone cushions, etc. can also be used for human health care, which can massage the feet of the human body, cushion the soles, and protect the buttocks. It is a protective equipment with excellent cushioning effect and the human body Health equipment materials.

3. Due to the super soft nature of silicone gel, it also has a certain degree of viscosity, so it is also suitable as a potting material for some special products. It can be used as potting silica gel, such as for the groove potting of high-efficiency air filters.

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