Jiahewell Silicone Gel Won Patent Certificate
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Jiahewell Silicone Gel Won Patent Certificate

Jiahewell's silicone gel technology has been recognized again in the field of patents. The company recently won a patent certificate, which means that its innovative achievements in the field of silicone gel have been officially recognized.

The patent involves Jiahewell's unique silicone gel production process and formula, which not only improves the preparation efficiency and quality of silicone gel, but also enhances its performance advantages in multiple application fields. The acquisition of this technology will further consolidate Jiahewell's leading position in the silicone gel industry and provide a more solid foundation for the company's global business expansion.

Jiahewell said that the acquisition of this patent is a recognition of the company's long-term commitment to research and development and innovation, and an affirmation of the unremitting efforts of its technical team. The company will continue to increase its investment in technological innovation, continuously improve product quality and performance, and provide customers with better silicone gel products and solutions.


The acquisition of this patent is not only a display of Jiahewell's technical strength, but also will bring new development opportunities to the industry. Jiahewell said that it will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and work with partners to promote the advancement of silicone gel technology and make greater contributions to promoting industrial development.

The acquisition of this patent is of great significance to Jiahewell and the entire silicone gel industry, indicating that silicone gel technology will usher in a broader development space in the future and provide more innovative solutions for all walks of life.

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