Revolutionary Application of Silicone Gel in Ophthalmic Surgery
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Revolutionary Application of Silicone Gel in Ophthalmic Surgery

Silicone gel, as a key filler in ophthalmic surgery, is gradually changing the face of ophthalmic surgery. Its role in stabilizing the structure of the eyeball, preventing postoperative complications and improving the success rate of surgery makes it an indispensable tool for ophthalmologists.

Ophthalmic surgery is a highly sophisticated operation that requires meticulous operating skills and reliable filling materials to ensure the success of the operation. As an excellent filler, silicone gel has multiple advantages, making it popular in ophthalmic surgery.

In ophthalmic surgery, the stability of the eyeball is crucial. Silicone gel has good adhesion and plasticity, which can perfectly fill the eye cavity and stabilize the shape of the eyeball, thereby ensuring the smooth progress of the operation


After ophthalmic surgery, complications such as unstable eyeball structure and abnormal intraocular pressure may occur, which seriously affect the surgical effect and the patient's vision recovery. The good biocompatibility and stability of silicone gel can effectively reduce the occurrence of these complications and provide protection for the patient's postoperative recovery.

Due to its excellent performance, silicone gel is widely used in various ophthalmic surgeries such as vitrectomy and retinal reconstruction. It not only makes surgical operations more precise and safe, but also greatly improves the success rate of surgery, allowing patients to recover their vision faster.

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