Sharing of Application Cases of Perforated Silicone in Manufacturing
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Sharing of Application Cases of Perforated Silicone in Manufacturing

The versatility and wide applicability of perforated silicone in industrial manufacturing. Through precise perforation technology, silicone materials can not only meet various specific industrial needs, but also bring more efficient and reliable solutions to the manufacturing industry. 

1. Smartphone dust filter design:

In smartphone manufacturing, perforated silicone is widely used in the design of dust screens. By precisely punching holes in silicone materials, manufacturers can achieve smaller and denser holes, effectively preventing dust and particles from entering the interior of the device and improving the reliability and lifespan of mobile phones.

2. Aerospace seal innovation:

In the aerospace industry, silicone drilling technology is used to manufacture seals. By creating a microscopic hole structure on the surface of the silicone, a lightweight yet highly effective sealing product is created. This not only improves the fuel efficiency of the aircraft but also increases the durability of the components.

3. Medical device flexible connector:

In the manufacturing of medical devices, perforated silicone is used to make flexible connectors. Silicone's softness and durability make it an ideal material for connecting different components in medical devices, while the perforated design increases the connector's flexibility and stability.

4. Automotive sealing system optimization:

In automobile manufacturing, silicone drilling is widely used to optimize sealing systems. By achieving a precise punching structure on the silicone material, a more elastic and durable sealing strip is created, which improves the car's sealing performance and reduces noise and vibration.

5. Industrial machinery waterproof design:

In industrial machinery manufacturing, silicone perforations are used for waterproof designs. By creating tiny through-holes in the silicone, manufacturers can make mechanical parts better resistant to moisture and humid environments, extending the service life of mechanical equipment.

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