Silicone prosthesis is a relatively cost-effective material
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Silicone prosthesis is a relatively cost-effective material

Definition introduction

Silicone rubber and silicone gel are one of the most researched materials in the medical field, and have passed strict safety tests. They are widely used in medicine, pharmacy and food industries and many medical instruments, such as pacemakers and heart valves. , suture materials, lubricants, hypodermic needles and syringes, and the surface of blood bags. Silicone gel ingredients are also found in some foods, skin care cosmetics and baby care products.


1. It is soft to the touch, consistent with the softness of natural breast tissue, and has a realistic feel.

2. The filling in the prosthesis is not the previous liquid, but a silicone prosthesis, and the colloid is pure and transparent. At the exhibition site, the representative of the manufacturer cut the silicone prosthesis with a knife, just like cutting a cake. The content of the prosthesis does not flow, so the worry that the prosthesis will break and flow in the body can be completely dispelled.

3. The surface of the prosthesis changes from a smooth surface to a rough surface, that is, a frosted surface. This is the 

most revolutionary change in breast prosthesis in recent years. Because the original smooth prosthesis has a high incidence of capsular hyperplasia, contracture and sclerosis after implantation in the human body, while the rough prosthesis makes the incidence of sclerosis change from a few percent to a few ten thousandths. Of course, the manufacturing technology of this kind of rough surface is also quite complicated. Meg and Manto's breast implants were like fine gold velvet and frosted glass. The hairy surface of the Es prosthesis in France is more like corduroy, but the color is white. However, due to the use of French technology in Brazil, the appearance is similar to that of the French Es. The appearance of breast implants produced by domestic manufacturers is similar to that of American implants.

4. The breast silicone prosthesis is extremely tough. Visitors can knead and stretch it with their hands at will, and it will return to its original shape when it is released. The manufacturer has tried to drive a car over the breast implants, and the implants are still intact.

5. Bionic design and complete specifications. Silicone breast implants are available in both round and drop-shaped designs (imitating the slope of the upper part of a woman's breast), with sizes ranging from 100ml to 800ml to meet the needs of people with various needs.

6. It has good biocompatibility and high safety.

Product Safety

According to plastic experts, during the development of breast augmentation surgery for so many years, a variety of materials have been used in breast augmentation. To sum up the pros and cons of various prosthesis materials, silicone gel prosthesis is a relatively cost-effective breast augmentation material. So pay attention to some material issues. The capsule wall of the silicone gel prosthesis is elastomer silicone rubber, and the content poured into the capsule is silicone gel. Silicone gel is one of the most researched materials in the medical field, and has passed strict safety tests, and is widely used in medicine, pharmacy and food industry.

1. Strong evidence proves that silicone gel implants do not cause cancer.

2. It is theoretically speculated that the implantation of silicone gel prosthesis may affect the early detection of breast cancer, but it has been confirmed that as long as the patient and doctor check in time and perform appropriate mammography, the risk is very low.

3. There is no evidence that silicone gel breast implants are associated with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid, scleroderma and connective tissue disorders (CTDS).

4. After surgery to remove the prosthesis, most of the suspected physical discomfort related to the prosthesis, such as back pain and chronic fatigue, cannot be determined.

5. The silicone gel prosthesis will not cause the diffusion of immune-related and toxic-related substances.

6. There is no evidence that silicone gel breast implants can be teratogenic or mutagenic in humans.

7. After breast augmentation with silicone gel prosthesis, there is no silicone gel infiltration into the milk, so breastfeeding is safe.

8. The silicone gel in the prosthesis will not spread far away even if the prosthesis breaks.

It can be seen from the above materials that it is generally accepted at this stage that silicone gel prosthesis is a safer material during surgery.

The US FDA test proves that the biocompatibility of the silicone gel implant is very high, and it is a very safe human implant, which has no impact on health and will not have adverse effects on fertility and breastfeeding.

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