Thermal Grease: How To Choose And Use It?
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Thermal Grease: How To Choose And Use It?

As an important heat dissipation material, the selection and use of Thermal Grease is crucial to ensure the stability of equipment performance. Next, let's discuss how to choose and use Thermal Grease to help you better solve the heat dissipation problem.

Thermal Grease is a highly thermally conductive organic silicone compound used to fill the gap between the CPU and the radiator to enhance the heat conduction efficiency between the two. The thermal conductivity of Thermal Grease directly affects the heat dissipation effect of the device, so choosing a suitable Thermal Grease is crucial.

Key points for choosing Thermal Grease

Thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity of Thermal Grease is the first factor to consider when choosing. The higher the thermal conductivity of the silicone grease, the better its thermal conductivity.

Stability: Thermal Grease needs to work for a long time at high temperature, and stability is also an important consideration.

Compatibility: CPUs and radiators of different brands and models may have different requirements for Thermal Grease.


Usage steps

Before using Thermal Grease, you need to ensure that the surface of the CPU and radiator are clean and dust-free.

Apply Thermal Grease evenly on the surface of the CPU, be careful not to apply too much or too little, just apply a thin layer of silicone grease.

Install the radiator: Put the CPU with Thermal Grease applied into the radiator, and make sure the contact surface between the two fits tightly. Then fix it according to the installation instructions of the radiator.

Check the heat dissipation effect: After installing the radiator, you need to check whether the heat dissipation effect is good.


Do not add other substances to the silicone grease: Thermal Grease is a specially designed heat dissipation material. Do not add other substances to it to avoid affecting its thermal conductivity.

Avoid over-application: Too much Thermal Grease may cause the heat dissipation effect to decrease or overflow, so apply it in moderation.

Check the heat dissipation effect regularly: The performance of Thermal Grease may gradually decrease with the increase of usage time.

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