What Are The Advantages of Jiahewell Thermal Grease?
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What Are The Advantages of Jiahewell Thermal Grease?

Thermal Grease is a thermally conductive silicone grease compound made of organic silicone as the main raw material and added with heat-resistant and excellent thermal conductivity materials. It is mainly used for heat conduction and heat dissipation of electronic components such as power amplifiers, transistors, electron tubes, CPUs, etc. to ensure the stability of the electrical performance of electronic instruments and meters.

Product Features

High thermal conductivity: It has high thermal conductivity and excellent thermal conductivity. Its thermal conductivity is generally between 0.8 and 5.0 W/m·K, which can quickly and effectively transfer heat from the heat source to the radiator.

Good electrical insulation: Thermal Grease has good electrical insulation properties, which can prevent current leakage and short circuits and protect the safety of electronic components.

High and low temperature resistance: It can maintain the grease state during use for a long time in the temperature range of -50℃ to +230℃, and has excellent high and low temperature resistance.

Stability: Thermal Grease has a low oil separation (tending to zero), is resistant to water, ozone, and weather aging, and has good stability in use.

Construction performance: low consistency and good construction performance, easy to apply and install.


About Jiahewell:

· · Derived from independent research and development results: Jiahewell Thermal Grease is based on the independent research and development results of the polymer material research team of the Institute of Applied Chemistry of Jiangxi Academy of Sciences, with a good research and development background and technical support.

· · Wide application fields: Jiahewell Thermal Grease has a wide range of applications in many fields, covering the fields of medical adhesives, new energy, three-electric thermal conductivity, chip packaging, drones, damping oil and other cutting-edge fields, with a wide range of applications.

· · Focus on market demand: Jiahewell focuses on industry market demand, continuously develops and innovates to meet the needs of different industries for thermal conductive materials, and provides products and solutions that better meet market demand.

· · Reliable quality: As a leading supplier of heat dissipation materials, Thermal Grease has undergone strict quality testing, reliable quality, stable performance and excellent temperature resistance, and can maintain efficient heat dissipation in various environments.

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