What Are The Application Fields of Silicone Gel?
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What Are The Application Fields of Silicone Gel?

The application fields of silicone gel are very wide, and its unique physical and chemical properties make it play an important role in many industries. The following are the main application fields of silicone gel:

Medical industry:

Silicone gel is widely used to treat burns, scalds and other diseases, and has multiple functions such as scar repair, relieving itching, preventing bacterial infection, moisturizing protection, and inhibiting capillary hyperplasia.

Electronic industry:

Silicone gel is mainly used as moisture-proof, shock-proof and vibration-damping materials in electronic products, which helps to protect electronic components from damage in humid environments.

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Food industry:

Silicone gel plays a role in moisture-proof and mildew-proof in food packaging, which can prevent food from deteriorating in humid environments.

Silicone gel can also be used for food drying to keep food dry.

Other industrial fields:

Silicone gel is a highly efficient adsorbent with strong adsorption capacity for organic matter, inorganic matter, moisture, etc., and is widely used in air purification and water purification.

Silicone gel also has good biocompatibility and can be used in biomedical fields such as drug release systems and wound dressings.

In the field of acoustic noise reduction, silicone gel, as a lightweight porous material, has a sound-absorbing effect and can be used to prepare sound insulation boards, acoustic isolation materials, etc.

Daily necessities:

Silicone gel is also often used as a desiccant. For example, bagged silicone gel is commonly found in electronic products, food packaging, etc. It can absorb moisture in the air and keep the product dry.

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