What Are The Applications of Silicone Gel in Wound Healing?
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What Are The Applications of Silicone Gel in Wound Healing?

The application of silicone gel in wound healing mainly benefits from its unique physical and chemical properties. Silicone gel products can be used directly in wound dressings to provide an ideal healing environment for wounds. Its breathability allows the wound to maintain a properly moist environment, preventing the wound from drying out, while accelerating the formation of epithelial tissue and promoting the growth of granulation tissue. In addition, silicone gel can form a protective film to protect the wound, prevent the invasion of bacteria and pollutants, and reduce the risk of infection.

The viscosity and regeneration properties of silicone gel enable it to have good physical adhesion to most substrates. It can closely adhere to the wound without a primer and reduce the impact of external factors on the wound. This property also allows the silicone gel to not adversely affect the wound healing process when changing dressings, greatly improving patient satisfaction and comfort.

More importantly, silicone gel can inhibit capillary proliferation and collagen deposition, improve local blood circulation, and promote epithelial repair. At the same time, silicone gel can also form an antibacterial protective film on the surface of the skin lesion to prevent infection, reduce water evaporation, soften scars, and further promote wound healing.

However, silicone gel is not suitable for all types of wounds. It is contraindicated in infected, ulcerated or erosive wounds, and use should be discontinued immediately if obvious symptoms of local irritation, rash or allergic reaction occur after topical use. In addition, silicone gel cannot be used on eyes, ears and mucous membranes.


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trauma, surgical scars, hypertrophic scars and other wounds; high-end dressings, wound dressings, hydrocolloid dressings and other health products; construction, automobile, electronics, aerospace and other industries. 

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