What Are The Common Ways To Make Silicone Gel?
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What Are The Common Ways To Make Silicone Gel?

Silicone gel can be made in a variety of ways, depending on the type of end product desired and its use.

1,Liquid Silicone Casting: This is one of the most common methods of making silicone gel. Liquid silicone is poured into the mold and solidified within a certain period of time. The speed and temperature of curing can be adjusted according to the type and hardness of the silicone chosen.

2,Molding: This method uses the plasticity of silicone gel to squeeze or compress it in a mold of a specific shape to give the silicone gel the desired shape and size.

3,Injection Molding: Similar to the process of traditional plastic injection molding, liquid silicone is sprayed or extruded into a metal mold and then solidified in the mold.


4,3D printing: Using a dedicated silicone gel 3D printer to create complex silicone gel products by stacking liquid silicone layer by layer, this method can achieve high customization and the production of complex structures.

5,Handmade: Some simple silicone gel products, such as hand-shaped toys or handicrafts, can be made by hand, such as cutting, carving, molding, etc.

6,Spray coating: Liquid silicone is sprayed onto the surface that needs to be covered through spray equipment, and then a layer of silicone gel protective film or coating is formed on the surface.

7,Mixing and curing: After the silicone base material and curing agent are mixed evenly, they are cured manually or mechanically to solidify the silicone gel into the desired shape and size.

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