What Are The Main Components of Thermal Silica?
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What Are The Main Components of Thermal Silica?

The main components of Thermal silica usually include:

Siloxane: Siloxane is the basic component of Thermal silica, an organic silicon compound composed of silicon atoms (Si) and oxygen atoms (O). Siloxane has excellent thermal conductivity and chemical stability and is the main thermal conductivity channel of Thermal silica.

Filler: Thermal silica often adds thermal conductive fillers, such as alumina (Al2O3) or boron nitride (BN), to enhance its thermal conductivity and mechanical strength. The addition of fillers can improve the thermal conductivity efficiency of thermal silica and increase its stability in high temperature environments.

Thickener: In order to control the fluidity and viscosity of Thermal silica, thickeners are usually added. Thickeners can adjust the viscosity of thermal silica, making it easier to apply and ensuring that it remains stable during use.

Additives: Thermal silica may also contain some additives, such as antioxidants, preservatives, etc., which are used to improve the stability and durability of the material and extend its service life.

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