What Is The Role of Thermally Thermal Grease in Chemical Production?
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What Is The Role of Thermally Thermal Grease in Chemical Production?

Thermal Grease plays an important role in chemical industry safety. It can effectively prevent overheating problems during chemical reactions, ensure production safety, and reduce the incidence of accidents.

Thermal conductivity: Thermal Grease has excellent thermal conductivity and can be used as a thermal conductive medium to transfer heat in chemical production. It can be used in heat exchange equipment, thermal oil, thermal paste and other applications to help achieve heat transfer and distribution and improve production efficiency.

Sealing and lubrication: Thermal Grease has good sealing and lubricating properties and can be used in the manufacture of seals and the addition of lubricants. It can prevent equipment leakage and friction, extend the service life of equipment, and improve equipment reliability and stability.

Anti-corrosion: Thermal Grease has chemical corrosion resistance and can be used in the addition and preparation of anti-corrosion coatings. It protects equipment from corrosion, extends the service life of equipment, and reduces maintenance costs.

Filling and Reinforcement: Thermal Grease can be used as fillers or reinforcements to enhance the mechanical and thermal properties of the material. It can improve the strength, hardness and wear resistance of materials, while increasing the thermal conductivity of materials, and is suitable for composite materials, high-temperature materials and other fields.

Reduce viscosity: Thermal Grease can be used as a diluent or regulator to reduce the viscosity of liquids and improve fluidity. It can improve the fluidity of fluids, reduce pipe blockage and equipment fouling, and improve production efficiency and product quality.


Product advantages

Extremely high thermal conductivity (5.0W/mK)

Excellent electrical insulation properties

Good flexibility and compliance

Excellent electrical insulation properties and excellent flame retardant properties

Compression relaxation properties help reduce stress on electrical components

Slight adhesive allows pre-assembly

Good wetting properties improve and reduce thermal resistance

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