What Is Thermal Silica ?
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What Is Thermal Silica ?

Thermal silica is a material with excellent thermal conductivity and is often used to fill small gaps inside electronic devices to improve heat conduction efficiency. It consists of a silica gel matrix and thermally conductive fillers, where the thermally conductive fillers are usually metal oxides, such as aluminum oxide or boron nitride. The main features of Thermal silica include:

High thermal conductivity: Thermal silica has high thermal conductivity, which can effectively conduct heat and help the heat generated in electronic equipment to be quickly dissipated.

Good elasticity and softness: Thermal silica has a certain degree of elasticity and softness, and can fill small gaps and irregular surfaces, ensuring uniform heat transfer and improving heat dissipation efficiency.

Excellent insulation properties: Most Thermal silica has good insulation properties and can play the dual roles of insulation and heat conduction in electronic devices to ensure the safe operation of electronic devices.

High temperature resistance and aging resistance: Thermal silica usually has good high temperature resistance and aging resistance, and can work stably for a long time at higher temperatures while maintaining its thermal conductivity.

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