What does radiotherapy positioning film do?
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What does radiotherapy positioning film do?

Radiotherapy positioning film is a consumable product specially used for radiotherapy, and its use is also an important preparation for relief before radiotherapy.

Radiation therapy for tumors is a local treatment method that uses radiation to treat tumors.

The position of radiotherapy should be comprehensively judged in combination with ** imaging data. The radiotherapy positioning film can help determine the specific location and irradiation range of radiotherapy, reduce the damage of radiotherapy to surrounding tissues and reduce the sequelae.



1. Because there will be many times of radiotherapy, and the frequency may be as high as 25-30 times, it will be very troublesome if positioning is required for each treatment, and it is likely that the positioning position is not in the same place, so radiotherapy positioning film is required make a determination;

2. Because many tumors grow very close to important organs, if the positioning is not done well, radiation therapy may affect important organs if you are not careful, so it is necessary to do good positioning before radiation therapy.

3. It is used for breast cancer and patients undergoing radiotherapy for chest wall irradiation, superficial lymph node irradiation, and skin and superficial tissue tumors after radical surgery.

4. It is suitable for the surface of body surface tissue, concave tissue and irregular tissue that need to increase the dose.

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