What substrates can silicone gel be coated on?
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What substrates can silicone gel be coated on?

Silicone gel is a versatile material that can be coated on a variety of substrates to meet the needs of different applications. Here are some common substrates that silicone gel can be coated on:



1,Glass: Silicone gel can be used to coat glass surfaces for applications such as optical lenses and transparent coatings.

2,Metal: Coated on the metal surface to provide insulation layer, anti-corrosion coating, thermal pad and other purposes.

3,Plastics: Silicone gel can be used to coat plastics to increase surface hardness, wear resistance and chemical stability.

4,Ceramic: Ceramic surfaces can be coated with silicone gel to provide insulation, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

5,Textiles: Can be used for coating textiles to give the fabrics waterproof, dustproof, flame retardant and other functions.

6,Paper: Coated on paper to make paper products that are water-resistant, tear-resistant and durable.

7,Wood: Silicone gel can be used to coat wood to provide protection, decoration and surface hardness enhancement.

8,Rubber: Coated on rubber products to provide waterproof, oil-resistant, high-temperature resistance and other properties.

9,Hybrid materials: Coated on composite materials to enhance their properties, such as increasing mechanical strength, thermal conductivity, etc.

The adhesive properties and versatility of silicone gel make it a widely used material for a variety of substrates. The specific application will depend on the purpose of the coating, as well as the desired properties and performance.

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