Which Scars Can Medical Scar Patches Be Applied To?
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Which Scars Can Medical Scar Patches Be Applied To?

Jiahewell medical scar patch uses silicone gel as the main ingredient. Silicone gel has excellent biocompatibility, can be well combined with the skin, and is not easy to fall off after application, making it suitable for various scars.

1,Surgical scars: Medical scar patches are often used on post-surgical incisions to help reduce the formation of surgical scars, promote healing, and reduce the unevenness of scars.

2,Burn Scars: Scars from burns may appear prominent, and scar patches can help reduce scarring caused by burns and improve the softness of the skin.

3,Cut or stab scars: Scar patches can be used on anything from an everyday cut to a deep stab wound to promote healing and reduce the visibility of the scar.

4,Acne scars: Acne scars are scars caused by acne. Scar patches can provide effective treatment on acne scars, reducing redness, swelling and irregularity of the scar.

5,Vaccination scars: Some vaccinations may leave small scars. Medical scar patches can be used to help these small scars heal faster.

6,Incision scars: Any incision, whether surgical or caused by other trauma, can cause scarring. Medical scar patches can help reduce the scarring caused by these incisions.

Medical scar patches are very easy to use and simply apply to clean, wound-infected skin. They can be used at night or throughout the day, providing long-lasting therapeutic benefits.

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