Why Has Silicone Gel Become The New Favorite in The Medical Industry?
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Why Has Silicone Gel Become The New Favorite in The Medical Industry?

What is silicone gel?

Silicone gel is a clear, soft, skin-conforming topical dressing. Its main principle of action is to improve the texture and color of scars by forming a moist environment on the scar surface. This moist environment helps keep scars soft and reduces water loss, thereby helping to fade scars.

There are many reasons why silicone gel has become a new favorite in the medical industry:

Good biocompatibility: Silicone gel has good biocompatibility and will not cause rejection by the human body, so it is suitable for a variety of medical applications, such as surgery, medical device manufacturing, etc.

Excellent hygroscopic properties: Silicone gel is able to absorb moisture and keep it dry, making it an ideal hygroscopic material for use in medical applications such as wound dressings and eczema patches.


Adjustable hardness and elasticity: The hardness and elasticity of silicone gel can be adjusted as needed, so it can be used to manufacture various soft tissue repair and auxiliary devices, such as prosthetic pads, breast augmentation prostheses, etc.

Excellent temperature resistance: Silicone gel has good temperature resistance and can withstand higher temperatures, so it is suitable for some medical devices that require high temperature disinfection or sterilization.

Highly customizable: Silicone gel can be customized in a variety of shapes, sizes and properties by adjusting the material composition and process to meet the needs of different medical applications.

Safe and reliable: After strict quality control and testing, medical silicone gel usually meets relevant medical standards and certification requirements to ensure its safety and reliability.

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