Will Medical Scar Patches Be Effective on Old Scars?
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Will Medical Scar Patches Be Effective on Old Scars?

When we are faced with old scars that have been there for a while, we always want to find an effective and convenient way to help improve them. In recent years, medical scar patches, as an emerging treatment method, have attracted widespread public attention. So, are scar patches effective on old scars? This article will discuss this issue.

First, we need to understand how scar patch work. Scar patches usually take advantage of the excellent water storage properties of silicone model materials to allow better absorption by the local skin. This material can block the evaporation of water vapor on the scar surface and act like the stratum corneum of the skin. By reducing water permeability, scar patches can reduce the scar's need for capillaries, thereby inhibiting capillary proliferation and reducing collagen deposition.

For new scars, scar patches are usually more effective. It can provide a moist environment and physical protection during the wound healing process, accelerate epidermal cell regeneration, promote wound healing and reduce the risk of infection. At the same time, scar patches can also inhibit inflammatory reactions, reduce local redness, swelling, itching and other uncomfortable symptoms, and reduce the risk of long-term pigmentation.


However, for old scars, the effectiveness of Medical scar patch may be somewhat limited. Because old scars usually exist for a longer period of time and the scar tissue has become relatively mature and stable, scar strips may not be able to completely remove these scars. However, scar strips can still improve the appearance and texture of old scars to some extent. With continued use, scar tissue can be softened, less tight, and gradually become smoother and softer.


To get the best results from Medical scar patch, you need to follow the correct usage and precautions. First, choose a scar patch that suits your scar type and make sure the scar surface is clean. Then, apply the scar patch to the scar and keep using it for several hours every day for several months or even longer. At the same time, avoid using other cosmetics or skin care products on the scar to avoid affecting the effect of the Medical scar patch.


When using Medical scar patch to treat scars, you also need to be aware of possible side effects and contraindications. If adverse reactions such as skin allergies, itching, redness and swelling occur, you should stop using it immediately and seek medical advice. 

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