How To Use Scar Gel Correctly
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How To Use Scar Gel Correctly

To effectively remove scars with silicone gel, the key is consistent usage. Generally, scars require at least 60-90 days of continuous use. Scar formation and development are gradual and long-term pathological processes, thus requiring a sustained and thorough treatment process. Consistency is crucial; do not give up halfway due to not achieving expected results in a short time. Allowing scars to grow unchecked will only make them more severe and difficult to remedy later on.

Furthermore, early intervention is better than late remediation. It's best to start using silicone gel before scars form or in the early stages to prevent them from affecting aesthetics or reaching an advanced stage before seeking treatment. Although consistent use of scar silicone gel at this stage can still yield some results, the repair process becomes more difficult and requires more time. Therefore, early usage is recommended.

When using silicone gel daily, pay attention to the following:

  1. Clean the scar area thoroughly and ensure it is dry to facilitate the film-forming effect of the scar silicone gel.

  2. Apply the gel once a day, with an additional application on exposed areas if necessary, such as morning and night.

  3. Wait for 3 minutes after application for it to dry naturally.

  4. Apply a thin layer; excessive application can affect drying, and more does not mean better results. It also leads to faster consumption, which is uneconomical. If it hasn't dried in 3 minutes, it indicates over-application, and the amount can be reduced next time.

Expert Tip: 

The correct usage of silicone gel is to apply it once or twice daily to the scar area, ensuring the area is clean and dry before application. Apply a thin layer and wait for 3 minutes for it to dry and form a film. Consistent usage for a minimum of 60-90 days is recommended.

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