How To Use Silicone Gel for Scar Removal
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How To Use Silicone Gel for Scar Removal

If you're worried about a wound not healing well and leaving a scar, or if you're already troubled by existing scars, it's time to start using BAK's scar removal gel!

From Wound to Scar

The proliferation phase is crucial for scar recovery.

You might wonder, how does the scar removal gel work? Is my scar suitable for using it?

Don't worry, let's first understand how scars form. Once we know the principles, these two questions will be easily answered.

We all know that the skin has an epidermis and a dermis. If a wound only affects the epidermis, it generally only peels without leaving a scar. However, if the wound reaches the dermis or below, it will leave a scar.

The complete process from wound to mature scar can be roughly divided into the following four stages: hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and maturation.

During the hemostasis stage, platelets help stop the bleeding at the injured site. After a while, we notice that the wound stops bleeding.

In the inflammation stage, the wound may become red and swollen and start to form a small scab. At this time, our body's immune cells are beginning to remove dead cells and bacteria.

During the proliferation stage, the wound starts to fill the damaged area with granulation tissue.

Granulation tissue can be understood as a basic tissue structure that fills the damaged area.

In the maturation stage, the epidermis and dermis are completely healed, leaving the final scar.

Why can silicone-based scar removal gels help reduce the appearance of scars?

This is because, during the proliferation phase, silicone can mimic the stratum corneum's function by somewhat preventing moisture evaporation from the scar's surface, keeping the scar tissue hydrated, promoting hydration, and inhibiting excessive tissue growth.

Ultimately, the scar becomes softer, smoother, and flatter.

The golden period for using scar removal gel is the early proliferation phase. Once the wound has basically scabbed over, you can start using the scar removal gel.

Using it within six months of the scar forming can accelerate scar maturation, improve scar overgrowth to some extent, and achieve good repair and scar lightening effects.

The following specific situations are all suitable:

  • Cosmetic surgery: corners of the eyes, double eyelids, liposuction, mole removal;

  • Surgical incisions: C-section, thyroid incision, etc.;

  • Others: burns, scalds, abrasions, falls, acne scars...

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