High Performance Thermal Pad
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High Performance Thermal Pad


Color Options: Green, Sky Blue, Gray
Thickness Range [mm]: 0.5 ~ 10
Country of Origin: Manufactured in China
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Product Introduction: 

The High Performance Thermal Pad series is a type of gap filling material with the highest thermal conductivity, high insulation performance, high compressibility, high flexibility, and extremely low thermal resistance. It can also be customized according to customer requirements. JIAHEWELL meets the demands of electronic products by providing cutting-edge thermal solutions.

Product Features:

Highest Thermal Conductivity: Utilizing advanced materials and processes to ensure outstanding thermal conductivity, effectively enhancing heat dissipation efficiency. 

High Insulation Performance: Manufactured with high-quality materials, exhibiting excellent insulation performance to reliably protect electronic devices from electrical interference. 

High Compressibility: Possesses good elasticity and compression performance, maintaining stable performance under pressure. 

High Flexibility: The material is soft and easy to process, suitable for various complex shapes and sizes of applications. 

Extremely Low Thermal Resistance: Achieves extremely low thermal resistance through optimized design and material selection, maximizing heat conduction efficiency. Product 


Chip Heat Dissipation: Used for the heat dissipation of CPUs, GPUs, and other chips to ensure efficient device operation. Module 

Heat Dissipation: Applied in power modules, LED modules, and other modules to improve equipment reliability and stability. 

Communication Equipment: Utilized in 5G base stations, communication equipment, etc., to ensure stable long-term operation of devices. 

Automotive Electronics: Employed in automotive electronic systems for heat dissipation, enhancing vehicle performance and safety. 

JIAHEWELL Factory Introduction: 

JIAHEWELL is a leading enterprise specializing in the production of High Performance Thermal Pads, equipped with advanced production equipment and a skilled technical team. Through continuous research and innovation, we provide customers with high-quality thermal interface materials and heat dissipation solutions. From research and development to production and quality testing, everything is completed in our company, ensuring product quality and delivery schedules. We offer customized services according to customer needs to meet the specific requirements of today's high-end clients. As a partner of JIAHEWELL, we provide professional and efficient products and services to customers, jointly promoting the development of thermal management technology.

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